But WHY is my child NOT reading at grade level?!?

Why is my child NOT reading at grade level? Wow! This is a burning question that way too many parents have and has been one that I have been asked so frequently in my career. I hated that I never had an answer for this question when I first started working in the school system. After staring blankly at parents far too many times, I made it one of my life’s missions to find answers. Not only that, this especially hit home when I started


having my own children. I suddenly truly understood the importance of needing answers from a parent’s perspective.

It didn’t take long to discover that there is no one definitive answer for why an individual may not be breezing through the reading process, yet so many programs sell themselves as the “fix” for all struggling readers. Yes, many of these programs simplify the process and certainly provide much-appreciated step by step lessons and materials in many cases. However, schools continue to see far too many students reading below grade level! This is something that has bothered me for too many years,¬†which is why I’ve often strayed from the traditional approaches to reading… thankfully with success for individuals that I’ve worked with.

I definitely have more to come on this topic, but if you would like some ideas on how to get your child excited about reading TODAY no matter what his/her age or reading level, check this out.

There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others! Seeing individuals begin to see themselves as readers is one of the greatest gifts to witness and be a part of. I truly desire this for everyone out there.

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