Hi, thank you for visiting!

I am extremely passionate about advocating for people who learn differently!

My goal is simple: I aim to enhance the lives of individuals by helping them to believe in themselves both academically and behaviorally, resulting in an increased sense of belonging and increased self-confidence. I also strive to enhance lives by removing stereotypes of individuals who struggle academically and/or behaviorally and breaking through barriers. 

I have teaching experience spanning all grade levels, the majority of which has been working with individuals who have struggled either academically and/or behaviorally within the educational setting.

I have learned most of what I now know through direct experience. I will never claim to know everything! In fact, I’ve often felt that the more I learn, the less I know for sure… simply because each individual is unique and I constantly recognize how much more there is to learn that will result in everyone learning in a way that allows for the honoring of an individual’s strengths! It is my sincere desire that this website can provide some insight and help to you and, even more importantly, the individuals we work with! 


I welcome you and your experience as well. Anytime you have additional tips to add, please do so in the comments or by contacting me. Let’s work together to help as many individuals as we can! 🙂