The Best Chapter Books for Reluctant Girl Readers

If you have a reluctant reader in your life, you realize the importance of having books that are not only readable for your child but also are viewed as appropriate and cool by peers. This is especially true when it is time to read in school. To simplify this process, I have created a list of my favorite chapter books for reluctant girl readers. 

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More of the Best Reading Comprehension Strategies

What is reading comprehension? Reading comprehension refers to one’s ability to recall and understand the information that was read. It also refers to an individual’s ability to compare what was read with information the reader already knows. Reading comprehension is important because it really is the difference between someone simply reading words and someone reading as an “active participant” in his/her reading. The reader becomes much more engaged as reading becomes more fun and more informative.

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The Best Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading is a gift that opens up our world. Those who read well can’t imagine life without it! However, those who struggle with reading can be plagued by the need for it on a regular basis. This is even true for people who read words easily but fail to make the necessary connections for reading to be enjoyable. Regardless of where your child is at with reading, it’s important that reading comprehension strategies be specifically taught and practiced. This post goes over 3 of my favorite reading comprehension strategies.

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Predicting Future Success of Students

My mom has a traumatic brain injury. The consequences of the brain injury have been difficult to accept. Although she did return in the slightest bit to become a shell of her former self for a year or two after the injury, she is no longer there at all. Over the past few years, she has steadily and dramatically declined.

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When There’s Hate in the Heart

This is difficult for me to write mainly because I don’t like to ruffle feathers and I’m writing about a hate in the heart experience with a relative. However, I also need to bring attention to this subject. Every bone in my human and motherly body tells me this.

I recently took a long road trip with 3 of my children and offered for a relative of mine to come along. He is someone I have talked on the phone with on quite a few occasions and who lived with our family for a period of time when I was a child. Well, I guess I didn’t know what I was in for.*This post contains an affiliate link, helping me to support my family at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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Inspiring Children’s Book Authors with Dyslexia

It’s not often assumed that a youth who has difficulty reading would become an author as an adult. After all, rarely are the words authors and dyslexia put together let alone authors with dyslexia. However, thankfully, many adults are incorrect when predicting the future of youth who have difficulty with reading. Unfortunately, too often, its assumed that these youth won’t have much of a future at all. This is why I wanted to feature authors that defy stereotypes. I hope you enjoy reading about these incredibly inspiring children’s book authors with dyslexia!

This blog post is one that focuses on individuals who had difficulty with reading as a youth, yet went on to become authors of children’s books as an adult. I write it in hopes that it may help to inspire youth who currently struggle with the reading process. 

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Top 10 Reasons for a Struggle with Reading

Do you know of anyone who has a struggle with reading? Have you ever wondered why? Or have you simply assumed it was due to laziness or a lack of motivation? Well, I can 100% guarantee you it is NEVER due to laziness or a lack of motivation. That would be like believing that a one year old who is not yet walking must be lazy or not motivated because other kids are walking as early as 9 months. Yet we seem to accept the process with the little one learning to walk independently.

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Redefining Our Parenting Role As Our Children Grow

Once a parent, always a parent. However, as we work through this parenting role with our children, we have to keep redefining it.

I got together with a friend of mine this past week whose daughter had her high school graduation ceremony and supper a week prior. I was asking her how everything went. Of course, we went through the usual chatter when you talk about a child graduating. It was a beautiful ceremony, great supper, yada yada.

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Are Exams Good or Bad?

I grew up writing a lot of exams in school, but it wasn’t until grade 12 that I had to write any government exams. As I watch my daughter prepare for her grade 6 government exams, I find myself wondering how much of the information she will retain. How much will legitimately help to shape her future? Is the jamming in of all of this information actually of any benefit to her?

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