6 Must-Have Writing Apps

Why Writing Apps are Necessary

Writing… some find it easy, others find it incredibly difficult. Writing apps can be useful to either group.

empty notebook with pencil shavings; writing apps can eliminate those blank pages

Those who find writing easy are usually able to keep thoughts flowing inside and express them onto paper without much difficulty.

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Dyslexia – Coping Mechanisms and Overcoming

Dyslexia Defined

Oxford dictionary defines dyslexia as “a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.”

withdrawn student with dyslexia


There are a few things that catch my attention in this definition… the first being that it is not defined as a single disorder but rather it is defined as disorders. I take this to mean that not everyone would display the same symptoms and that it could be the result of a number of things happening.

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Support for the Struggling Reader

I recently read a post from a social media group that I follow asking what parents find especially frustrating about school for their dyslexic child. I was disheartened to read that so many parents feel that the schools and/or teachers are not doing enough to help their child. Many felt that the teacher doesn’t accommodate or care to learn more to help their child.

I was hit with many emotions while reading this! Among them were:

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Strengths as the Focus

Are School Marks Everything they are Made Out to Be???

Have you ever been in conversation with another parent and that parent just goes on and on and on about how wonderful their child is in school as you sit there nodding your head and smiling, afraid to comment much? Or perhaps you read post after post from a friend of yours about their child making the honor role or that they are celebrating yet another A+. Meanwhile, your own child’s marks are average or below average. Does this mean there is something to be concerned about? Does every child have to be gifted in school to be valued in society?

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Addition and Subtraction Facts Made Fun

Okay, so your child is currently struggling with basic addition and subtraction math facts. The teacher has suggested flash cards or additional worksheets for your child, BUUUUUTTTT your child HATES these activities! Having a couple of kids myself in which assisting with homework has NOT been conducive to relationship building in any way whatsoever, I can so relate to the sick feeling a parent may get when a suggestion is made in which we know our child will shudder at.

So let’s look at other ways that may work for your child that can achieve the same result that flash cards would (but better because we can take the fighting with our kids out of it!)

dice for addition and subtractionjelly beans for addition and subtraction




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The Freak Out!

Have you ever been so unbelievably irritated at someone but, instead of having it out with that particular individual, you instead let your frustration build and eventually freak out in front of someone in your family or someone else you feel close to? I know I’ve been there!

The question is… why do we do this? Well, believe it or not, there are some reasons!

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The Importance of Keeping it Black and White

Ah, us humans sure like to talk! Many of us like an explanation for EVERYTHING (myself included!) However, is this necessary for us or the kids we are insistent on providing the explanations for? This may depend on the type of thinker we are conversing with!

Presenting concepts and explanations to the individual with Autism or anyone else that is a black and white thinker can be challenging. 

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But WHY is my child NOT reading at grade level?!?

Why is my child NOT reading at grade level? Wow! This is a burning question that way too many parents have and has been one that I have been asked so frequently in my career. I hated that I never had an answer for this question when I first started working in the school system. After staring blankly at parents far too many times, I made it one of my life’s missions to find answers. Not only that, this especially hit home when I started


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Ah, the Teacher Life!

Ah, the teacher life! It’s the life so many people simply dream about! Working only 6-7 hour days, every stat holiday seems to have extra vacation days around it, and a full 2 months off every summer! Wow, that must be a fantastic and relaxing life!

teacher in blissful state

Let’s peek into a typical teacher’s blissful day…

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