Gratitude for Safety and Freedom

You know how you have moments that, when you look back, you have sincere gratitude for them? I am extremely grateful that, years ago, I came across and purchased 2 copies of Grandmother: A Record Book of Memories by Linda Spivey. Even more so, I am grateful that I had the questions in the book answered by my paternal grandmother and my mother before it was too late. It is through my copies of these books that I am now able to easily look up much of my family history.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I live in Canada thanks to having grandparents that immigrated here. It is with gratitude that I share their stories and more in this post.

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Supporting Children in Working Through and Preventing Meltdowns

I’m about to share something that I am not proud of. As an adult, I have had occasional meltdowns. Maybe you know the kind? I’ve yelled and screamed… even thrown the odd thing. Afterward, I pretty much always feel crappy and rarely, if ever, do I believe that my response was appropriate to whatever happened leading up to my angry response.

angry brown monkey

I don’t believe I’m alone. Meltdowns look different from person to person. Let’s consider for a moment a few of the responses that have become acceptable for an adult when feeling this way and/or what adults refer to as “having a bad day”:

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Creating Voice to Text and Audio Files in Microsoft OneNote

Last week, I wrote about how Microsoft OneNote can be used as a reader for individuals. You can check that post out here. This week, I will go over how to use both Voice to Text and audio recordings in Microsoft OneNote as well as how to share an assignment done / saved in OneNote with another. Voice to Text can really help individuals to get their thoughts down without being bogged down simply trying to figure out how to write each word on paper.

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Using Immersive Reader in Microsoft OneNote

I was blessed to attend an EdTech Summit recently. While there, I was enlightened to learn of more ways that technology can be used to support individuals who struggle with reading and writing. One of my new favorite tools is Microsoft OneNote. Microsoft OneNote is absolutely free in both the Apple app and Android play stores. It can also be used for free on a laptop.

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Introducing Tone and Mood to Young Readers

My last blog post went over tips for teaching readers to make inferences as well as why it is important to make inferences. This blog post will switch thinking to go over tone and mood within stories. Tips for teaching tone and mood as well as why it is important to teach this will be covered.

What is meant by tone and mood? Does knowing about tone and mood really matter? I believe it does. Knowledge of tone and mood plays an important role whether we are watching tv, playing video games or reading a book.

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Tips for Helping Readers Make Inferences

Have you ever watched a television commercial with your child that required you to read between the lines in order to understand it? Doing so meant that you were able to make inferences.

What does it mean to make inferences?

Oxford dictionary defines infer as a verb meaning to “deduce or conclude (something) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.”

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Redefining Failure… It is Essential for Success

Oxford dictionary features 3 definitions of failure. The first definition is simply ‘lack of success.’ The second definition of failure is ‘the neglect or omission of expected or required action.’ Hmmm…

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Fear of failure is a term I’m sure everyone is familiar with. After all, fear of failure is the excuse many individuals use to hold back from fulfilling their full potential. I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point where we prevent ourselves from even trying something, even if the rewards could be great. I know I sure have been there too many times!

what would you do if you knew you could not fail?
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The Best Chapter Books for Reluctant Boy Readers

Last week I wrote about The Best Chapter Books for Reluctant Girl Readers. 

This week, I am expanding on this concept to include my favorite chapter books for reluctant boy readers.

There are so many books out there, yet finding one that our child will engage with can be especially difficult when our child does not particularly love to read. If you have a reluctant reader in your life, you realize the importance of having books that are not only readable for your child but also are viewed as acceptable by peers. This is especially true when it is time to read in school.

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