13 Must-Have Quality Items for Your Sensory Space

Why a Sensory Space?

Reactions to sensory stimuli often play a direct role in the behavior of individuals. Some individuals require a lot of sensory input in order for their bodies, and therefore behavior, to remain calm. Other individuals hardly require any at all. Either way, incorporating multi-sensory input in an individual’s day helps to maintain a level of emotional regulation and, therefore, often helps individuals more easily learn or achieve things.

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The Importance of Keeping it Black and White

Ah, us humans sure like to talk! Many of us like an explanation for EVERYTHING (myself included!) However, is this necessary for us or the kids we are insistent on providing the explanations for? This may depend on the type of thinker we are conversing with!

Presenting concepts and explanations to the individual with Autism or anyone else that is a black and white thinker can be challenging. 

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