6 Must-Have Writing Apps

Why Writing Apps are Necessary Writing… some find it easy, others find it incredibly difficult. Writing apps can be useful to either group. Those who find writing easy are usually able to keep thoughts flowing inside and express them onto paper without much difficulty.

The Freak Out!

Have you ever been so unbelievably irritated at someone but, instead of having it out with that particular individual, you instead let your frustration build and eventually freak out in front of someone in your family or someone else you feel close to? I know I’ve been there! The question is… why do we do …

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Ah, the Teacher Life!

Ah, the teacher life! It’s the life so many people simply dream about! Working only 6-7 hour days, every stat holiday seems to have extra vacation days around it, and a full 2 months off every summer! Wow, that must be a fantastic and relaxing life! Let’s peek into a typical teacher’s blissful day…